Color Correction

I have the colors figured out now: I was forgetting to byteswap the two color bytes, and after that the rgb elements line up nicely. And it's 5:6:5 bits per color channel rather than 4 as I thought previously, thanks to Marvin who commented below.

The sphinx above looks right, but earlier the boxer shown below looked so wrong I colored it falsely to make the video:

The Boxer - Photosynth Export from binarymillenium on Vimeo.

But I've fixed the boxer now:

The python script is updated with this code:

red = (bin[0] >> 11) & 0x1f
green = (bin[0] >> 5) & 0x3f
blue = (bin[0] >> 0) & 0x1f


middie said...

Nice work. Is it easy to grab the bin files? Any tips?

binarymillenium said...

You can use Wireshark to see what http requests for bin files your browser is making on behalf of photosynth, and then you take the address that Wireshark shows and download it by putting that address in your browser. It'll be something like mslabs-285.vo.llnwd.net/lotsofnumbershere/points_0_0.bin

Putting 'http.request' in the wireshark filter helps reduce the results to look through.

middie said...

Thanks. I've downloaded a number of the dat files, but only find a handfull of points in each (some have seem to have none). I'm no good at python, but replacing the sys.argv[1] with the file name seemed to make it run and get the points when run from the GUI. I got something in Processing, but not many dots so far. Have you tried looking at the local files collection.synth.bin or collection.dzcz to see if these have the points? They are the last thing uploaded when making the synth. They get deleted very fast, but are there breifly in Temp\Photosynther.

binarymillenium said...

Are you sure there are that many points in the original photosynth (pressing ctrl will show only points)? Also you have to assemble all the bin files from the same group together into one big csv. This post has more details that should be useful.

I've looked at some of those other files and most are in ascii text and there appears be metadata maybe about the positioning of the photographs in the scene, anyone else is welcome to figure it out.

sfdgsfdg said...

middle, I was having the same problem as you. can you explain a bit more how you solved it?