mewantee example

I've made enough fixes to mewantee to open it open and allow most of it to be viewed without logging in, and creating a user no longer requires activation.

There isn't much on there right now, but I have a good example: There's a project called crossephex I was working on a few months ago, and I'll probably start on it again soon. It's supposed to be a vj/visuals generating tool for processing similar to gephex. I need a bunch of basic graphics to use as primitives to mix with each other to create interesting effects, so on mewantee I have this request, which asks for help from other people generating those graphics. Each one shouldn't take more than a few minutes to make, of course I could do it myself but I think it's a good example of what the site might be good for.



I created a website called mewantee using google appengine. It's closed to the public right now, but I need some users to try it out and tell me if they run into any problems using it normally, or any feedback at all. If you login with a gmail account (google handles the login, I won't know anything except your email address, and even that will be hidden from other users), I'll be sent a notification email and I can then activate your account.

What is it about? Mainly I'd like it to incentivize the creation of creative commons and open source content and it uses a sort of economic model to do it. Even if it is too strange or the kind of users needed to make it work don't show up, it was a good exercise to learn python and appengine.

Something else to figure out- I have mewantee.com pointing to mewanteee.appspot.com, is there any way to make it stay mewantee.com to everyone else like they way this blog is really on blogspot.com but is seen as binarymillenium.com.