Beast Please Be Still at Chop Suey

Beast Please Be Still (or here) call themselves "a nine piece instrumental landscape from Seattle. A collection of emotive story-telling, the music of this collabrative sounds like an orchestra of beautiful, post-everything."

There's a lot of shaky camera work I could have covered up with editing, while still preserving the sound of the entire set... but that would have been too much work.

The Chop Suey venue seemed decent, though for the size of this band the stage was crowded, I couldn't see a few people because the lights weren't on them or they were behind too many other people. The stage is also too recessed rather than jutting out into the crowd space, contributing to the difficulty in seeing the band.

youtube video from someone else of the same show. It's also edited down. I was scooped by a couple of days...


Ms. Led wmv vs. mpeg2 uploads to google video

The mpeg2 version above.

The wmv version

The two both look poor when viewed with the embedded player, but downloading the video shows that the mpeg2 version is far superior. It takes a lot longer because the files are so much bigger, but I'm not uploading anything bigger than a few minutes long.