I created a couple of custom gephex modules (for 0.4.3):


Find the average color or brightness of a framebuffer. (maybe add HSV next)

Slow motion

Play back snippets of framebuffer input in slow motion. The music is from ccmixter, William Berry's Time To Take Out The Trash.

The source code (GPLed of course) and windows dlls are provided in those zip files.
More custom effects are on the way.

New video showing off basic gephex effects:

...but none of those I just created. Maybe next time.

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sergio@yourstudio.org said...

dude great work... i just started a google code project page as well and am playing around with your additions to gephex using ubuntu studio .. if i actually am able to create anything worth while I'll let you know... im still trying to figure out how to build in windows
as well haven't successfully programed a new module... hopefully i'll learn how. Anyway thanks again for your posts.. long live great art and open source.. peace and rock on amigo

sergio legorreta