Artoolkit rangefinding continued

I've discovered the arParamObserv2Ideal() function to correct for image distortion, and I think it has improved things. But my main problem is figuring out how to properly project the line from the origin through the laser dot in marker/fiducial space. I have a message out on the mailing list but it is not that active.

The results of my crude fillgaps processing app are shown below, using the somewhat sparse points from above.

The above results look pretty good- the points along the edge of the wall and floor are the furthest from the camera so appear black, and the floor and wall toward the top and bottom of the image are closer and get brighter.

My main problem is getting live feedback of where I've gotten points. With a live view that showed all found depth points it would be easier to achieve uniform coverage, rather than going off of memory. My problem there is that to use artoolkit I have to detect the markers, then shrink the image down and draw dots over it- not too hard sounding but the first time I tried it got all messed up.

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