thingamajiggr, and 2 new Processing effects

I'm beginning to incorporate more processing effects into my sets, so I developed two for thingamajiggr. They are less friendly to live alteration than gephex graphs, but if the bulk of the effect is done it's easy to live-code simple keyboard controls or change parameters.

I need a way to get video or screen captures into Processing, on Linux this is not easy- if it doesn't already exist I'm thinking of sending image data from gephex to Processing through an internal loopback path.

Audio input used to work for me but now it doesn't.

First effect: multicolored perlin lines. When shown live the colors dovetailed with led lighting of an artwork in the main theater room:

(click on the image to see the java applet)

The second effect is a standard gas/fluid simulation that uses springs. I spent a lot of time trying to get more complicated flow fields working, but I ended up moderately simple:

(click on the picture to see and play with the java applet)

Things that went wrong or I need to fix:

Holding my laptop on my lap is not very ideal when my laptop has an rgb output without locking screw holes. The connector fell out a few times. The other lesson is to always have good surface so the laptop can be left still.

Not being able to eliminate window manager titles and borders around processing output. I should find a more minimalist window manager.

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