This site is good for showcasing Processing projects, but is really rough around the corners- it lacks almost every feature of sites for sharing photos or art or anything except for leaving comments, and tagging. The 'viewed nn times' increments when the page is reloaded, which is like a hit counter straight out of 1997. There's no real good way for good graphs to float to the top and be seen more except for an unknown process by which editors select certain submissions for exhibition. There are a lot of applets that don't work but aren't hidden or demoted from view.

It's not like there are no other options for hosting java applets for free- google code works pretty good, and by putting google analytics javascript into the html page it's easy to track the traffic to the page.

But there do seem to be a number of people that visit the site and look at my submissions, but I think I have more unique views from using the exhibition rollup on the official processing.org site.

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