Animated gif of height map

animated gif of height map

Source code is here:


One interesting thing I discovered is that animated gifs with an alpha channel don't just let the back ground of the web page show through, they also don't clear the last frame of the gif- which was confusing for this gif before I blackened the background with ImageMagick:

for i in *png; do convert $i -background black -flatten +matte flat_$i; done
convert flat*png velodyne_hgt.gif

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Anonymous said...

There is a flag assigned to each GIF block (multiple blocks == animation) which tells the display to reset or not before drawing the next frame. It sounds like that was just not getting set. I'm not familiar with ImageMagick, so I don't know how you'd enable that. You probably wouldn't get any better file size anyway so it doesn't matter! :)