Converting vob to avis

So I have a few vobs from a dvdrecorder that was recording a live set of video from an Open Lab. The vobs must be a little screwy- any editing program I try to load them into thinks they're only 18 seconds long. VLC knows how to play them in their entirety, but I really only want to get a few good moments out of it all.

I think transcode is up to the task, with command like:
transcode -i vts_01_1.vob -y dv -o openlab1.avi

But the video comes out screwy (while the audio is fine).

I google for the answer and got this gem of a thread as the first hit:
where one poster repeatedly ask for details beyond 'go look on google' or 'read the manpage'. I think anyone who responds with 'go look on google', when that thread then for some stupid reason uselessly becomes the number one search result on google, deserves to be summarily shot. I'm only half kidding. Anyway the original poster responds with queries for details (like a command line) but repeatedly gets the same useless answers, but more vehemently.

I haven't figured it out yet, but I'll post an actual command line when I do.

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